When you are THIS bad they give you mega sized cream!

I get a good laugh sometimes at the offers I have received from doctors.  For example when I was at the photoderm clinic last year Dr. G offered to write me a script for a larger jar of Betaderm cream and ointment.  I agreed.  I mean why the heck not, right?  I was quite surprised when I picked up my script to see a huge prescription bag containing one 450g jar of the ointment and one 454g jar of the cream.  I am seriously set for quite sometime.  They are apparently the jars the pharmacists use to scoop the cream into the smaller jars I’ve been used to getting.

You may be asking why he would give me both the ointment and cream.  This was actually one of the first times I took the ointment (my whole life I have refused to use ointment as I hate to put greasy stuff on my eczema because it causes sticking to everything), anyways Dr. G explained to me that it is best to use the ointment when my skin is dry and use the cream when it is wet (ie: oozing/weeping).  To my surprise this works quite well as I always put cotton gloves on after I apply them so I never notice the difference.

At the time of my appointment with Dr. G the betaderm wasn’t really working very well when I followed the directions of using it sparingly twice a day.  So, he told me that instead of increasing the cream strength that I should just apply it more often which is also why I got these mega jars.

Here is a picture of the huge jars:

eczema cream

Holy Big Jars!

The jar on the top left is 60g and the top right is 100g, for comparison.

Since I use these only when REALLY needed I have lots left but as Dr. G promised I am certainly not going to the pharmacy on a regular basis for more.  🙂 Small blessings, I guess.




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  1. Lauren says:

    Yes! It was awesome when my doctor finally perscribed me the Triamcinolone 453g jar. Lol. When my boyfriend first saw me whip that jar out he was like OMG. That’s a huge jar of ointment!

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