A tale of two waterpark visits

We just got back from a great family getaway to the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge located in Queensbury, New York.  This was our second year visiting the lodge in the winter and it doesn’t disappoint.  (Totally off topic but I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip there and having some good old family fun.  Not to mention if you are coming from eastern Ontario it involves an amazing drive though the Adirondack Mountains.)  Anyways, last year I had just started tanning and was starting to clear up and found that this trip really helped my skin get (or at least look) better.  The chlorine in the pool has always had a good effect on my skin (think bleach baths if they have ever been recommended for you).  The chlorine dries my skin out nicely which is actually something I find beneficial to keeping my skin mostly eczema-free, this is of course very different from the typical recommendation of moisturize the heck out of your skin.  So last year I was thankful for my waterpark visit and its effects on my skin.

This year was a bit different.  I keep my skin slightly on the dry side by indoor tanning and found that the extra drying effects of the chlorine in the water caused my eczema to actually flare on my hand and I developed a few area on my arm as well.  For the first time in many months I was scratching again at night… yuck.  Smart me did bring some moisturizer (Glaxal Base = my fav) for the kids so I was able to use it and get some relief from the dry itchy hands.

So, I learned a valuable lesson.  Although my skin prefers to be dry to be eczema-free’ish I need to be cognoscente of what else can dry it out so that I don’t get too dry and cause myself to flare.  The balancing act is a fine art.

eczema, water

Here is my left hand on February 6, 2012 after one day at the waterpark.

On my left hand I am starting to get some “cuts” in the bendable areas of my hand.  This year I have had limited inflammation as well but alas it is back after the chlorine exposure (you can see its worst on my right hand).




Here is my right (worst) hand on February 6, 2012 after one day at the waterpark.


Check out my thumb, ouch.


Here is the patch starting on my arm. Itchy.


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