Medical Doctors and Eczema Help

My whole life has revolved around seeing different medical professionals to help “cure” me of my eczema.  I should add that I am an army brat, so I haven’t had a consistent doctor for more then 5 years ever.  I have never had any luck with dermatologist and up until earlier this year had decided never to see one again…. my experience has always been something like this:

1) Walk into the clinic.

2) Strip off (well, only for the “good” ones who want to see the full extend of the problem), and wait for the doctor.

3) Doctor comes in, takes a look usually says, “wow, that’s pretty bad”, discuss the eczema symptoms, family history, ect.

4) Get once again diagnosed with eczema probably cause by heredity and get a script for some kind of steroid cream to help tame the symptoms.  Oh, and not to forget the latest sample of whatever moisturizing cream/wash/lotion the last pharmaceutical company has given them.

Great, thanks for all that mister/misses doctor.

See this is why I just don’t bother with dermatologists, if you don’t have cancer or something to cut off and analyze they don’t care.  They are not a solutions based field, just a get onto the next patient and have a good day type of doctor.

My current family doctor of 5 years has been very understanding (well, as much as she can) and has been very generous with offers for derm referrals and of course the latest steroid cream to “help me” out.

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